Complexity of a Sale

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Our staff of Certified Foresters works for you to insure the
highest dollar return and the best harvesting job possible!

All aspects of the timber sale administration are handled by professional foresters.

Some of the many forestry services we can provide the landowner include:

  • Preparing bid prospectus outlining conditions of sale.
  • Maximum exposure to potential builders.
  • Preparing erosion control plans.
  • Scheduling a tour of the property for interested builders.
  • Awarding sale via sealed bids.
  • Obtaining GP-8 permits from DEP.
  • Preparation of the Timber Contract.
  • Obtaining certificates of insurance and performance bonds.
  • Supervising harvesting operation.
  • Representing landowners' interests.
  • Obtain Highway Occupancy permits from PennDot.
  • GPS mapping for detail and accuracy.

Remember, we work for you, the landowner, to insure the many
phases of the timber management plan are handled professionally!

"I am very pleased with the results of the management by Northern Timberlands."
~M. Kearny, Waymart, PA

"I couldn't have done it without your expert help. I would always recommend Northern Timberlands to anyone interested in a similar venture."
~J. Thomas, Weatherly, PA