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A well managed forest not only pays dividends, it pays
repeated dividends!

The demand for quality forest products increases each year.

  • Although there are millions of wooded acres in Pennsylvania, unmanaged acres may not fill this demand.
  • Increased timber yields through good forest management means additional income for you.
  • Forest land is taxed, so why not let it help pay for itself while you enjoy the many other benefits that good forest stewardship provides?
  • There is no doubt that our professional expertise generates the absolute highest income possible for your timber. In fact, studies confirm that on forester assisted timber sales, landowners received stumpage prices 58% greater than those received by landowners making sales without a forester involved (source: Cubbage, F.W., T.M. Skinner, and C.D. Risburdt)! This same study concluded that the value of the residual merchantable timber was more than twice the value of that remaining on the nonassisted tracts.

Here is an example to illustrate this point. The actual bid results from a recent timber sale, with an estimated value of approximately $15,000, were as follows:

Bidder A     $22,524.00
Bidder B     $16,551.00
Bidder C     $10,151.00
Bidder D       $8,220.00

It is interesting to point out that the landowner almost sold the timber for $8,000 prior to our involvement in the project. The landowner mistakenly thought he could "save money" by handling the transaction himself.

There is no question that our professional expertise and
sealed bid process generates the absolute highest income for
your timber!

"Very pleased with the overall performance. Thanks!"
~B. Adams, Dushore, PA

"Northern Timberlands performed exceptionally! A pleasure to deal with and true to his word!"
~Big Pine Tree Rod & Gun Club, Wayne Co., PA