Forest Management

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Unmanaged stands are unproductive forests!

An example of a recent selective harvest.

Selective thinning of the forest allows the residual stand to grow
at an increased rate and allows more sunlight to reach the forest floor.

More sunlight on the forest floor stimulates regeneration of valuable species such as Black Cherry, Ash and Hard Maple.

  • Unmanaged stands are unproductive. Competition due to overcrowding places stress on trees, making them more susceptible to problems.
  • Insects, disease, drought and weather are more likely to cause problems in a forest under stress than in a healthy, well-mamaged stand.
  • Studies confirm that on forester assisted timber sales, revenue for the current harvest averaged more than double the per acre price than on non-assisted sales. But just as importantly, there was significantly less damage to the residual stand in forester assisted sales! (Source: Cubbage, F.W., T.M. Skinner, and C.D. Risburt)

Remember, a healthy forest is no accident!


"Because of your forestry services, I was able to have my property logged properly with respect to the harvest and residual trees. The bid was excellent, but my greatest concern was for the land, which you looked after with great concern."

      ~D. Cassidy, Philadelphia, PA