Wildlife & Recreation

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Well managed forests increase the use and
enjoyment of your woodlot.

A planned, well-managed harvest operation brings tops onto the ground for game feed and cover.

Well planned harvests stimulate the growth and regeneration of the forest. This increases the browse and game cover available, which increases the variety and abundance of mammals and birds (Source: Penn State School of Forest Resources, The Decision Tree Study)

  • Managing your woodlot can improve the wildlife habitat. Game Commissions in many states use timber harvesting as a major wildlife management tool.
  • A selective harvest opens the stand canopy allowing more sunlight to reach the forest floor. This stimulates regeneration of new growth, providing food crops for a variety of wildlife species.
  • A well planned timber harvest also improves the recreation value of the property as well by providing better access and roadways.

Properly managed forests provide increased wildlife
diversity and more recreational opportunities!

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